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The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is the nation’s largest integrated health care system, providing care at over 1,200 health care facilities, serving 9 million enrolled Veterans each year. The TeleCare Companion Contract seeks to utilize technology solutions to improve patient safety and facilitate patient care by centralizing monitoring of patients who require continuous observation.

Contract Number – 3677621D0023
Period of Performance – 1 Base year with 4 option years (8/10/2021)
DUNS – 117238800
Cage Code – 8FB37

Douglas Basile
Shore Systems Solutions (JV)


Patient falls are among the leading causes of increased morbidity and mortality in hospitals and healthcare systems. In U.S. hospitals, patient falls are the highest reported adverse event with approximately 1 million patient falls occurring annually, responsible for 11,000 deaths and up to $50 billion in costs per year. In response, many facilities implemented the use of physical patient sitters, or Care Companions, as a fall prevention practice. However, evidence is low that sitters reduce falls. Furthermore, the burden mostly lies on hospitals to provide sitters on demand and in crucial safety situations, amidst a varying census. This can present patient triaging and staffing challenges for facilities to manage. Rising sitter costs, immediate safety demands, and lack of evidence reveal the need for a more comprehensive, consistent, ready, and available solution.

Remote video monitoring (RVM) emerged to increase visibility of patients in a 24/7 environment. Data shows that the right RVM solution can significantly reduce falls and sitter hours resulting in a substantial return on investment.


As an awardee on the OHI Telecare Companion IDIQ, S3 has partnered with CareView Communications to offer the next generation of patient care monitoring, safety, and security products. We accommodate and deliver a scalable RVM solution to align with each hospital’s unique environment and workflow. With an overall mission to decrease falls, reduce sitter costs, and cultivate a culture of safety, CareView’s impact reaches the bottom line with a decrease in patient falls up to 80% and reduction in sitter hours up to 65%.

• They are the only remote patient observation application on the market that features Virtual Bed Rails® and Virtual Chair Rails® which use advanced image analytics to allow a single technician to safely monitor up to 40 patients simultaneously, more than doubling the capacity of other leading solutions.
• Patented and predictive technology will detect if outward motion crosses the virtual rails and send technicians an audio and visual alert, reducing strain on monitor technicians, eliminating false alarms, improving response times, and increasing patient safety and care outcomes.
• Equipment supports centralized communications including 2-way audio, allowing for immediate verbal intervention with multiple languages, and pan-tilt-zoom for full room view.
• Offers three key components in the turnkey solution: fixed, portable and mobile cameras.


The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Health Informatics (OHI) TeleCare Companion Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract provides qualified turnkey remote patient observation systems on a task order basis to customers across the VHA. Specifically, this vehicle: